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When your property is affected by fire, either from natural causes or from a batch of cookies that went awry, the resulting damage needs to be handled quickly and efficiently. 

The damage is usually categorized by:

  • Fire Damage

  • Smoke Damage

Let's take a closer look. 

Fire Damage

Fire can significantly damage your property.

Depending on severity, not only is the

destruction of the building possible,

but even relatively small fires may result

in long term structural damage if the fire damage repair procedure is not completed in the correct manner. Potential health hazards also accompany fire damage such as inhaled smoke and soot by-products, tar and carbon residue and lingering carbon monoxide.

Smoke Damage

Due to smoke damage, even a small fire

can significantly damage your property.

Smoke can coat walls, floors, ceilings and

home contents with black soot and odour

that will be there forever without proper

smoke damage cleanup. Your cherished

possessions are also at risk from smoke

damage and require careful handling.

Even by touching the items unprotected, the natural oils on hands can set the soot in place and will make it next to impossible to restore to pre-loss conditions. Using a variety of highly specialized techniques to remove soot and odor from your important items, our smoke damage cleanup team can get them looking better than ever before. 

How Eclipse's Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Services can help

If you have fallen victim to fire or smoke damage to your home, contact Eclipse Restoration Ltd. immediately to make sure our professional IICRC certified technicians can begin the mitigation process as soon as possible to reduce the negative outcome and potential health hazards.

Here's how it works

Once we receive your call, we will:

  1. Assign to you a personalized Project Manager who manage every aspect of your case from beginning to end. They will inspect the extent of the damage and create a plan with you on how to proceed. ​

  2. ​ Following the completion of a strict inventory process, the contents of your home, including personal possessions, will be cataloged according to the severity of damage.They will be taken care of appropriately. This could mean a thorough cleaning, recommended for further specialized services, or else marked for appropriate disposal. 

  3. If there is permanent damage to any of your property (e.g. drywall, flooring, etc.), our professional team will handle the demolition and full removal of all affected materials. We understand this process can be stressful for you as a home or business owner, and our commitment is to proceed as quickly and completely as possible so we can get onto restoring your property to pre-loss condition. 

  4. Once we ensure that your property is fully rid of any remnants of the fire and smoke, our team of professional construction staff will replace any removed materials and ensure that every aspect of your property is up to inspection standards. Our aim it to return your property to pre-fire appearance as far as possible and complete the fire damage repair.

Why Us?

With many years of experience in fire and smoke damage repair, Eclipse Restoration Ltd. is committed to offering the best service for residential and commercial fire and smoke damage mitigation and restoration. Our priority is to get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

That means we are:

  • Available 24/7 for emergency services.

  • Expert content management, including thorough inventory and cataloged lists of all affected items and content cleaning/restoring when possible.

  • Every aspect of restoring your property, from the initial assessment to the final repairs will be handled by our professional team.

  • Friendly, professional, Project Managers and IICRC certified technicians will do everything in their power to make the process easier, and quicker, for you during these trying times, getting you back to your normal life.

Smoke Damage Cleanup
Fire Damage Repair

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire Damage
Smoke Damage
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