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*Please note that not every insurance policy is the same and many factors will be different between policies and providers. Ask your insurance representative about your policy to get more information.

1. How long will the drying equipment need to be setup?
Our drying equipment usually has to run for a minimum of 3-4 days, but depending on the moisture levels and source of the water, it may be longer.

2. How long does the restoration process take?
​Emergency mitigation usually takes 5-7 days. Repairs vary greatly per job, but on average, it usually takes around 3-4 months.

3. Will the drying equipment affect my power bill?
Our drying equipment will increase your power bill while in place. Please ask your insurance adjuster to check your coverage.

4. How do I know you're doing your job properly?
We must provide justification with picture proof for everything we do during the mitigation process. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us and we would be happy to explain.

5. How do you know what can be saved vs. replaced?
We use industry specified tools to determine moisture levels of the atmosphere and surfaces, as well as water movement through the loss. We have been IICRC trained to know what materials can and cannot be returned to original condition.

6. What are my options for the materials used to rebuild my home?
A sample of any removed material will be sent to ICC Edmonton to be valued. You will then be allowed to choose a replacement of equal or lesser value, with the opportunity to upgrade. Please ask your project manager for more information.

7. When will the rebuild process start?
The start date of the rebuild process is greatly subject to the availability of the chosen replacement material. Feel free to discuss this with your project manager.

8. Is a little bit of moisture a bad thing?
While it is true that different materials have a different level of moisture to be considered dry, and the moisture levels outside play a role, excessive moisture in your home can often cause damage to its structure, as well as your personal items.

9. What does my insurance cover?
Please direct this question to your insurance adjuster to clarify.

10. What kind of warranties do you provide?

Yes we do! We provide a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty and all manufacturers provide a warranty on their materials.

11. What equipment will you use to dry my home?
We use state of the art Dri-Eaz air movers and dehumidifiers to ensure your home is as dry as possible.

12. My hardwood is wet. Does it need to be replaced?
In more severe cases, yes it will. Though, our first, and much less invasive choice, will usually be to attempt to dry the engineered wood using drying mats designed to vacuum as much moisture as possible out of the floor and into a sealed reservoir.

Didn't answer your question? Email us any time and we'll answer your question as soon as possible!

Ashley Hamilton

Great company that does good work. Honest, professional, and knowledgeable. Would recommend to everyone. High quality work and responsive service.

Angela Khodorkovski

Eclipse Restoration did an amazing job on my insurance claim in my house! I was beyond impressed with their work ethic and how clean and detailed they were throughout the whole process. The people that work there are very knowledgeable and have expertise in each area of the trade world. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Cameron German

They refinished my basement really well, especially around the challenging spiral staircase. They were flexible and well priced for the high quality finishes they provided.

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